Sandra Cousins

Internationally known psychic and top-rated TV & radio personality, Sandra P. Cousins is a powerful source of spiritual, personal and financial guidance to many people, including well known film, stage and TV stars, and prominent entrepreneurs and corporate executives.

Her psychic power enlightens Sandra with a remarkable ability to target the spiritual core of problems and conflicts.

Thousands of satisfied people have visited Sandra for readings, spiritual counseling and comfort during times of pain and trouble. She possesses an extraordinary clairvoyance that will help you understand the positive & negative forces and personalities in your life.

Here's what people say about Sandra's abilities:

"So far your insightful readings have been 'one-for-one', Everything we discussed has transpired. I was truly amazed that all the events you foresaw happened so quickly!"
~ Jeannine Jewell, Tucson. AZ

"Remember that new job opportunity you predicted? I'm going to take it!"
~ BJ Allevato, Atlanta. GA

"Her psychic abilities amaze me. Sandra has helped me enormously!"
~ Charles Pique, New Orleans. LA


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